Best Avast Settings For Performance

The most optimal settings for avast performance are those that allow your PC operating smoothly. The laptop window optimizer, which is pre-installed, can help make your PC perform faster by reducing the amount of time spent on unnecessary activities, freeing up memory, eliminating junk documents and programs, as well as increasing battery life so that you can play games for longer time periods. In the Security tab you can run a virus scan or enable various real-time protections. You can also alter the program's settings and set up a firewall. You can also review the quarantined documents, clean MFT entries (on NTFS disks) and BODY FAT directory entries or manage apps inside the sandbox. Finally, you can configure the maximum size of files Avast sends to Quarantine and deactivate the option to display notifications about new "block" rules (enabled by default). Avast Cleanup is another way to boost the performance of your device. Moreover, you can also snooze background activity, decreasing the use of RAM and increasing FPS when gaming. You can also optimize the hardware of your computer to achieve optimal performance.
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As opposed to other antiviruses Avast has a very user-friendly software with all major features available through a single menu. This lets you keep on top of all aspects of your device's performance without having every panel or application open. You can even alter the behavior of your antivirus so that it only runs updates during your time slot instead of constantly scouring for and installing new features in the background, slowing down your device's overall speed.

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