How to Host a Successful Board Meeting

When it comes to ensuring board meeting success, the tone set in the room is just as much as the content. Board members are enthusiastic and will be attentive to the discussion if they feel engaged. The environment in which your board meets plays a key role in this, so take note of the following suggestions for energizing and facilitating productive meetings:

Create a clear agenda and distribute it all attendees. Include specific time limits for each discussion item to keep the meeting moving and to avoid getting lost. Limiting discussions to 30 minutes per session will keep the board from getting overloaded with irrelevant topics.

Make the meeting as convenient for your board as is possible. If you're conducting a teleconference meeting, request that they shut off notifications and stop any other programs that might affect their bandwidth. This will ensure that the meeting is smooth and that all participants be able to hear and see each other clearly.

If appropriate, provide refreshments. This is particularly important for a meeting that takes place in the evening, after a long day's work. It will help your board stay focused and motivated.

Start the meeting by telling a short success story to keep your board members informed of the current initiatives of the organization and its the purpose. It can also inspire them to be more focused on the organization's objectives. Finally, make sure that there is a quorum before opening the meeting. This is a crucial aspect that could have a huge impact on the outcome of the meeting. The majority of the time, this is done through a roll call where every participant raises their hand when their name is called.

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